Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss by Estee Lauder for Women 1.0 Oz


Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss by Estee Lauder for Women 1.0 Oz Eau de Parfum Spray

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Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss is an exquisite fragrance for women by Estee Lauder presented in 2016. The fragrance’s marketing campaign managed to fully capture the perfume’s beauty and complex nature. Both the scent and its ad are bold, even a little scandalous, exuding sensuality and sex appeal, same as the perfume’s owner.

The choice of the color red as a dominant one is not an accidental one. The idea of red is entangled in the perfume’s aromatic composition – red is intertwined with the divine sweet cherry accords, red is also dominant on the perfume’s package. Its bottle is bright red and shiny, thus emphasizing the courage, strength, and magic of the lady temptation. However, Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss doesn’t stop there and continues to unveil its secret. Its heart is bold and extremely sexy, but at the same time soft and gentle. All this is possible due to the alluring combination of rose, jasmine, vinyl accords, and leather. The pink pepper addictive notes further spice the setting. The fragrance warm vanilla and patchouli base add the finishing touches and wins us over forever.

Top notes: black cherry, carrot seed, mandarin

Heart notes: rose, pink pepper, jasmine, vinyl accord

Base notes: styrax, saffron, labdanum, vanilla, patchouli

Launched in 2016.


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